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TiVo, Linux, and the GPL

Nicholas Petreley over at Linux Journal has a couple of good blog entries about the furor around TiVo, Linux, and the GPL: A fight against evil or a fight for attention? The Pet Peevo with TiVo Warning, geeky content.

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TiVo Helps Turn the Lights On for After School: TiVo, Afterschool Alliance Join Forces to Empower Pa

A press release I just caught on U.S. Newswire. Press release…

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TiVo Fans Host TV Tasting Parties Across the Country to Share What Makes TiVo So Special

After years of bringing people together in living rooms across America for Super Bowl parties, Oscar parties, and countless viewing parties of every kind, TiVo is offering its fans the first opportunity to share their passion for the invention they … Continue reading

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Slingbox gets new siblings

Sling Media, maker of the placeshifting Slingbox device, on Wednesday released three new gadgets for watching TV remotely: the Slingbox Pro, Slingbox AV and Slingbox Tuner. Each product targets a different segment of the TV-watching market–home-theater enthusiasts; DVR or cable … Continue reading

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New Slingboxes are out

The Slingbox is popular with many TiVo users. The TiVo does time-shifting, and the Slingbox does place-shifting, making for a good combo. It looks like the second generation of Slingbox products is hitting the streets. Dave Zatz, at ZatzNotFunny, reported … Continue reading

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