Lifetime Series2s still out there.

User bubba1972 over at posted this. If you go to and search on ‘TiVo’ they have a 40-hour S2 with lifetime for $599, an 80-hour S2 with lifetime for $669, and a Humax DRT400 with lifetime for $879. Based on those prices compared to TiVo’s bundle pricing, it looks like lifetime is valued at around $599.

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  • mhaithaca

    That’s… nuts.

  • jccohen

    Well, what’s the current monthly cost? The question of how much a lifetime is “worth” is basically figuring out how many months it would take to reach that cost point, I guess…

  • pabell

    I wonder how many of those they have in stock…. And I also wonder if Tivo will still “honour” the Lifetime Services. Would that selling company simply transfer it in your name? How does that work…

    $598 is what I paid for my Tivo 40H S2 with life time so that seems pretty fair. Id be willing to pay that again for a second of the same.

  • severoon

    Makes sense to me. Most people prolly plan on keeping their TiVo at least 4 years. A 3yr sub is $400, a 1yr is $200. 3yr + 1yr = $600.

  • megazone

    I bet they simply did a deal with TiVo to get the units with lifetime pre-activated. There were deals like that in the past, before lifetime went away, and TiVo can still do lifetime, they just don’t offer it normally.

  • pabell

    Ok, so I’m guessing us “normal” guys cant make such deals etc. However As Sir Richard Branson Says: “Haggle, Everything is negotiable.”

  • megazone

    Yeah – if you wanted to buy boxes in bulk to resell, I bet you could work something out.