TiVo Series3 promo videos up on YouTube

They haven’t shown up on the TiVos themselves yet, but people managed to intercept the Teleworld broadcast – and now they’re up on YouTube!

I can’t wait. :-)

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  • mhaithaca

    Thanks for sharing these! I’m really quite impressed by the lifetime transfer deal. Wish I could take advantage of it.

  • buran

    I’m thinking really hard but something tells me that I’ll buy one. I was waffling because I paid for lifetime, and I don’t want to lose that. Now I can upgrade and sell the existing unit with the year of prepaid service. Or cannibalize it for the drives I added on… maybe. Or maybe just keep it. I’ll probably have to just wait for the S3 to be out.

    I did check my local lineup and I don’t see a huge change in my costs for cable + internet if I switch to digital, and I can get The Military Channel, Discovery HD, Discovery International, PBS HD, and basically more science-geek goodness.

  • buran

    Why can’t you — you didn’t get lifetime before it was gone?

  • mhaithaca

    Oh, I’ve got lifetime on a few boxes, actually, some I still own and some I no longer do, but I won’t be able to use the Series3. Cable subscribers only! I wrote more about it in .

  • wannabeliver

    It might be useful to note that the videos are no longer available for viewing.

    My guess is too much demand or TiVo/and/or/Content Creators pulled them via request.