TiVo offers lifetime transfers to the Series3

Some folks at TiVoCommunity.com caught TiVo’s Teleworld broadcast this morning. The Teleworld broadcast is how TiVo gets video to the boxes for those TiVo Central promotions with the gold star or TiVo logo next to them. The box records them, but they don’t show up until later when the daily download triggers the new promotion.

Well, some folks caught the broadcast ‘live’ and it was Shanan promoting the new Series3, which is expected any day now. The big news – TiVo is going to offer a lifetime transfer from a Series1 or Series2 box for a one time fee of $199. PLUS they throw in a free year of service on the old box. So if you have a box with lifetime on it, you buy a new S3, pay $199 – and get lifetime on the S3 and another year on the old box. This is a limited time promo – you must purchase the S3 by 12/31/06, and transfer lifetime by 1/31/07. The catch is that the MSRP of the S3 is expected to be $799.99, so you’ll probably be paying a good price to be an early adopter and get the transfer. (Of course, I paid over $1000 for my Pioneer DVR-810H with lifetime because I jumped on it early too.) The URL http://www.tivo.com/VIP was given – but right now it is still pointing to an info sign up. It probably won’t be ‘live’ until the promo shows up officially.

A few other new details from the broadcast – the box is THX certified and the remote is a learning remote.

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  • mryn

    Maybe I’ll ebay my Lifetime gift card and use that cash to subsidize being an early adopter/transferer… :)

  • mabfan

    Is the Sony SVR-2000 a Series 1?

    (You may remember me…you visited my LJ when our TiVo was failing to make its daily call and helped us out.)

  • rwarner

    Yes it is, I have one of those, with a lifetime sub on it. Original drive, still works too. :)

    Of course TiVo announced this after I decided to get a HR10-250 and stay with DirecTV this past weekend. Grrr…

  • megazone

    Yes, the SVR-2000 is a Series1.

    Basically this deal applies to *all* standalone (non-DirecTV) TiVos, since they all are either S1 or S2 boxes.

    (And welcome to the community. :-) )

  • wickerdotus

    After reading this, I’m seriously considering canceling an order for a pair of speakers that is due to ship in a couple of weeks. The ability to transfer the lifetime service is a major incentive in buying the Series3 much sooner than I otherwise would.

    Having the Series3 would be the final thing keeping me from switching to Verizon’s Fios TV. I HATE cable boxes with a passion and would take advantage of the CableCard capabilites bigtime.

  • sierra_nevada

    If there’s a way to get MPEG2 HDTV content captured elsewhere into the Series 3 TiVo to view on my LCD panel (e.g. over my house IP network), plus the lifetime sub, they’ve got me, though it would be nice to be able to get TiVo-captured MPEG out of the box, too.

  • anonymous

    I’ve been getting the sales pitch from Verizon for FiOS. Will regular Tivo (Series2 DT) work with FiOS? I am tempted because it seems like they number of channels that you receive for the price is quite a bit larger…

  • megazone

    I know the S2/S2DT will control the cable box FiOS uses. I believe you can connect FiOS to a standard cable tuner for the lower channels. And it works with CableCARD for the Series3.