TiVo Series3 beta photos leaked

Both Engadget and HDBeat have the same photos of an S3 box in some lucky beta tester’s possession. But it doesn’t really reveal anything new – it looks just like the box I photographed at CES in January. I’m sure TiVo is going to want a word with the tester – who clearly also owns a Humax DVD-R TiVo and has CableVision cable service.

Picked up from PVRBlog

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  • vincea

    Good to see the Cablevision cable box. Gives me some hope that CV will know how to deal with the Series 3 when I finally get one.

  • psuedomeat

    I see good things for Tivo, the only problem I see, is the inital cost, but they may limit that with the whole service contract deal.
    Hopefully it will be less than 800 out of pocket, and I’ll buy one.

  • pabell

    Bring back Life time subscription! :)

    We no return to our regular scheduled program.

  • psuedomeat

    Amortize the actuall costs and tell me when you start to profit from lifetime, when hardware isn’t subsidised. When is the break even point? do you trust your tivo to be viable for a super long time? or would you rather ‘lease’ it with subsidized hardware? It’s a hard call. I like the lower buy in, but subscription model is tough to ‘add’ addional montly fees.
    I’m rambling, but it’s 6 of 1, 1/2 dozen of the other.

  • pabell

    I paid $299.00 for my box & $299.00 for the life time service

    thats $598.00… I guess for those of use trying to budget a 1 time fee works well. If you ask me Tivo should get out of hardware and just sell the service, this would cut their cost down. So I could get a box from whatever vendor and just add their service.

    Even if Tivo brought back Life Time and said “give us $800 for life time Subscription” I would probably do it. Life Time helps me budget. Why pay for TV 2x’s Dish Network is $54 and Tivo would roughly be $24 a month if you did their $299 pre-pay package.

    All of this IMHO :)

  • stile99

    I know a lot of people dislike it, but I really have to support TiVo on this one. The path has already been laid out for them. Years ago, cell phone were called car phones, mostly because they were actually mounted into your car. Then they worked around that and made them ‘mobile’…about as mobile as the first mobile computers actually, but there you have it. Anyway, back to the point, not really a whole lot of these sold. Then somebody got the idea to give them away. I distinctly remember so many contests, usually of the type where the people running it went to local merchants for prizes, where a cell phone was the prize. It really wasn’t regarded as much of a prize though, considering you had to purchase a service contract. However, the plan worked and got the devices into the hands of the people, and now a couple decades later everyone has one, some people have multiple cell phones.

    Not being able to argue with success, TiVo is marching to the beat of the same drummer. I’m all for whatever keeps them viable.