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Adults in DVR Households Read More, Surf More and Watch TV More

According to the latest data from Mediamark Research, 8.6% of U.S. adults reported having a DVR in their household. That percentage rose to 11.2% of adult households in the Spring 2006 release. (March 2005 to early May 2006.) The report … Continue reading

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Sony ships recordable Blu-ray discs to U.S.

Sony has begun shipping 50-gigabyte recordable Blu-ray Disc media to the United States, the company announced Wednesday. A prominent backer of the next-generation media format, Sony shipped its first Blu-ray titles in June and has re-engineered the AccuCore technology used … Continue reading

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Next-gen DVD war could be messy–or not

Will the much-hyped next-generation DVD format war be a bloody battle, a bloodless coup or simply a stalemate? Depends on who you ask.

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The TiVo House Party

I have no idea if this is officially endorsed by TiVo or what, but check out The TiVo House Party. I’m not sure exactly what the site’s angle is. Apparently you sign up and then they select people to be … Continue reading

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