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Anyone who has a Humax T2500, or a standalone, non-DVD TiVo upgraded with a 250GB drive, I’m looking for the recording capacity at all 4 quality levels – Basic, Medium, High, and Best. Thanks.

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  • stile99

    Not quite what you are seeking, but it’s a similar neighborhood, low tax, and the schools are good.

    Humax T800 with the 80 gig removed and two 250 gigs put in, and with 7.3.1 software:

    Best = 160 hours, 13 minutes
    High = 257 hours, 03 minutes
    Medium = 338 hours, 48 minutes
    Basic = 564 hours, 04 minutes

    Hopefully that will help until someone with the described config sees this and can check.

  • megazone

    Odd, it has 500GB but only 564 hours at Basic. I thought a 250GB drive gave about 300 hours at Basic, so I’d expect more. 120GB is a bit over 140 hours and it isn’t quite linear because the reserved space and OS partition stay constant.

  • smashedagainst

    omg, i put a 300G hd in my toshiba and in high quality, never have anything fall off the to do list. Hitting the page up and down button 17~20 times to get to recently deleted can get old. (and i’m “too lazy” to switch to group view ;) It just says variable up to 361 hours.

  • cassiusdrow

    Try using the skip to tick ( ->| ) button. It will take you, alternately, to the top and bottom of the Now Playing list.

  • smashedagainst

    AWEsome! Thanks! :)