Gamers drive blue laser market

Gamers are not waiting to see who becomes the Betamax of the blue-laser technology standoff.

I question this article:Game consoles, some using Blu-ray and some using HD DVD technology, made up almost half of the $2 billion in revenue expected for the blue-laser technology market in 2006, according to a report from the Santa Clara Consulting Group. 1. ‘Made up’ is past tense – currently there are no game consoles using Blu-ray or HD-DVD. 2. There are no game consoles planned to use HD-DVD. There is a planned add-on for the XBox 360, but only for video playback and it isn’t part of the console. Blu-ray will be in the PS3 of course.

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  • cbeveridge

    I look at it as they’re talking about the components that have already been bought. Recent articles talk about the sony/nichia diodes being scarce because the ps3 is buying them en masse. Those purchase have been made and will drive the consoles, similar to the number of diodes being bought for the 360 add-on.