Are you sitting down? Best offer ever from TiVo!

New TiVo promo email…

Now you can get TiVo for only $12.95/month*

miss out on this sweet summer special. Sign up for 1 year of TiVo
service (choose from the prepaid plan or monthly plan) and get a
factory-renewed 80-hour TiVo�® Series2™ DVR for FREE. That’s
right-FREE! Never miss another episode of your favorite shows while
you’re out soaking up the summer sun!

New to TiVo?
Find out more about our

Introducing the amazing TiVo�® KidZone! Make TV safe for the whole family.
Parent-approved, fun for kids. Now included at no additional cost to you.

Note: Factory-renewed TiVo boxes come
with the standard TiVo warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee,

* 1-year subscription required.

�©2006 TiVo Inc. The TiVo logo, TiVo, and Series2 are registered trademarks
or trademarks of TiVo Inc. worldwide. �©2006 TiVo Inc. 2160 Gold Street Alviso, CA 95002-2160. All rights reserved. For TiVo Customer
Support call 877-367-8486. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

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  • kirylyn

    but is it the DirecTV tivo that won’t update and can’t use the USB port to use the TiVo desktop?

  • megazone


  • doc_quixote

    What about those of us who already have Tivo for $12.95/month?

  • megazone

    Pick one up at retail – with the special offers I linked to last week they’re free after rebate – and then get the MSD discount of $6.95/month.

  • anonymous

    Is that a discount off of the original $12.95, or an additional $6.95 a month on top of the $12.95?

  • megazone

    The original unit remains at $12.95, additional units are discounted to $6.95 each.

  • anonymous

    Hey thanks.

  • kirylyn

    apologies for asking more stupid questions – but if I already have a TiVo box, how does the web special work??

    do I select the pre-paid option or the year of service??

    /totally confused :(

  • megazone

    If you have a TiVo box and you’re paying $12.95/month – and it isn’t part of a bundle – then if you get one of the web specials my understanding is that the new box is not eligible for MSD, but it will make the old box eligible. So you’d pay the $12.95/month, or $155.40 prepaid, on the new box, and the old box would drop to $6.95.

  • megazone

    I missed another possibility – while the specials are not eligible for the MSD, I believe they make existing monthly boxes eligible. So you’d pay full rate on the new box, and the existing boxes would drop to $6.95/month. But you might double check that with TiVo.