An update on the truncated recordings issue.

Recently there were some posts about TiVo truncating recordings – stopping too early. Speculation at the time was that it might be related to the Overlap Protection, aka Clipping, added in recent software. Over on TiVoPony clarified the issue and provided some details. It is not related to clipping, it is a separate bug that has been found and fixed. It will be part of the coming 7.2.2 update. In the meantime, a reboot fixes the problem – it only happens in units that have been running without a reboot for some time. So if you experience any truncation, or just want to be proactive to prevent it, reboot the box. That should tide it over until 7.2.2 is out.

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  • tmesser

    Thanks for the info; this has just started happening on my box, too. Any idea when 7.2.2 comes out?

  • megazone

    Looks like sometime in March.

  • tenaya

    I’m so glad I joined this community. These truncations have started to happen on my box–3 so far in one week. I’ll reboot tonight. Thank you for supplying this information.

  • megazone

    Happy to help. :-)

  • pradagirl

    Just to clarify…reboot=restart?
    This truncating thing has been beyond annoying.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • megazone

    Yep, you can either do it in the software menu, or yank the power.