A TiVo Free Space Indicator for Windows PCs

In a thread at TiVoCommunity.com I spotted a little Windows program that you can configure to connect to your TiVo and estimate the remaining available space. You can download it here. Not quite a FSI on the TiVo itself, but some folks find it useful.

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  • amedia

    Free Space Indicator – what a cool idea! It’s one of the things I’ve been wanting for a long time – that, and the ability to queue up recordings for dubbing off to videotape (ha, saying “videotape” instead of DVD tells you how long I’ve wanted that!)

    Dumb question – I appreciate your patience in advance – I read the thread about the FSI and a number of posters mentioned something called Galleon that appears to be auxiliary TiVo-related software. Um, what is it and what does it do?

  • megazone

    That’s http://www.galleon.tv/

    Galleon is a Java-based media server that talks to TiVo using TiVo’s HME (Home Media Engine) API. It can basically replace TiVo Desktop, and it adds many more features. In addition to music and photo support, it also handles the TivoToGo transfers, podcasts, weather, streaming music from various sites, email checking, some IM, etc. There are a number of modules and you install the ones you want.

  • amedia

    Thanks for the explanation – I’ll be sure to check it out. It sounds WAY COOLZOR!

    Ahem. I mean, the functionalities you describe appear very desirable. :-)

  • mholmesiv

    If you have backdoors enabled (And you probably do if you can connect to your Tivo), just go into the To do screen, and hit <0> . On mine it gives me a screen that is much better than any free space indicator.

  • megazone

    You can connect to any Series2 TiVo without enabling backdoors – https://your-tivo-ip/
    login: tivo
    password: your-MAK

    There is a basic web interface and the XML interface used by TiVoToGO – that’s what this tool is using.