WeaKnees did a comparison of the DirecTV R10 (TiVo) and R15 (NDS) DVRs

At WeaKnees, we’ve been getting endless questions about the new DIRECTV DVR Plus – the R15, and asking us to compare it to the TiVo-based DIRECTV DVR R10. The question generally boils down to: Which is better? In an attempt to give you the information necessary to answer that question yourself, we’ve written up a comparison of the units, with an emphasis on details of the new non-TiVo R15 since most of our readers and customers are somewhat (if not very) familiar with TiVo DVRs.

It is a decent comparison, and the R15 doesn’t come out looking very good overall – though it has a couple of interesting features. They have more coming.

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  • jonabbey

    Damn, and damn. I just got an HDTV set, and I want to have HDTivo, but with DirecTV moving dropping TiVo with their new MPEG 4 broadcasts, I’ll have to either suck it up and use the new NDS crap, or drop DirecTV entirely and hope that TiVo comes out with a CableCard unit for HD over Time Warner.

    HDTV is so nice that I’d almost pick up the current HDTV DirecTiVo so that I can TiVo the over-the-air HDTV broadcasts here in Austin, but I’d hate to spend that kind of money when I’d wind up being shut out of a significant portion of DirecTV’s upcoming HDTV lineup.