Watching a Child Who’s Grown Up With TiVo

This is a good article in The Wall Street Journal Online. The author has a three year old son, and they bought a TiVo the week he was born. So he’s always known TiVo and to him that’s just how TV is. It is an interesting article and it made me think about the future of DVRs and what will happen when a critical mass of people have them.

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  • wc

    We’ve had our TiVo for 4 years now, and both my kids don’t get the concept that when we visit friends/relatives we can’t just serve up one of their favorite shows whenever they want. The last time we visited my in-laws, I let my oldest (5 years old) watch Twister when it was broadcast on TNT. The next day, he asked if he could watch it again. I told him that Gramma and Grampa don’t have TiVo so he would have to wait to watch it again if it came on TV again. As luck will have it, it was re-broadcast the later on in the day (as the norm for TNT).

  • wc

    To further this… my wife was skeptical about TiVo when we first got it, but now, she can’t live without it. The power supply died on our TiVo a while back. The 5 days we waited for the replacement part (Thank you Weaknees!) it was painful to have to remember to watch our shows at their regularly scheduled time slot and watch the commercials. Thankfully, now we have a second TiVo (Thank you Dockers/JCPenney’s) that we won’t have to go through that again.

  • ceallachdon

    My 7 yo gets rather miffed when the TV can’t be paused so he can go to the bathroom. That and he’s not too keen on watching live TV because then he can’t skip through the commercials *chuckle*

  • euphrasie

    My kids completely don’t understand the concept of live TV. They think we’re just being mean if we can’t conjure up their shows or pause them.