TiVo and Sony get into the game

TiVo’s announcements made a bigger splash: through its content partnership with Yahoo, TiVo Series 2 devices now offer a section for podcasts, with listings taken from the Yahoo Podcasts site. What’s more, TiVo, whose talks with Apple broke off recently, announced it will support the iPod as a TiVo-To-Go device sometime in early 2006.

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  • travisd

    I keep waiting for the Yahoo! stuff to show up in mine but so far no dice. Both are on v7.2.1-oth-01-2-140

  • megazone

    It may take a while. When the sign-up went live they hadn’t started the actual rollout yet. TiVo said it may be a few days before the deployment really starts.

  • travisd

    Just realized that there’s a Priority sign-up page for this one.

  • megazone

    Yeah – I mentioned that in the earlier post about the official announcement. :-)

  • titanic

    I have four TiVo’s here – two new ones and two I got off Ebay, all series 2. When they did the last rollout that offered PC-to TiVo transfers, I got the upgrade quickly on one of them and had to wait over a week before it showed up on the other 3. It was not my primary unit, nor the first one I registered, that got the upgrade, either.

    I was doing a lot of transfers to that one unit so I could then transplant them to a different TiVo, but it was working.

    Having Live365 in four different rooms is actually going to be a nice plus for me. If the same preferred membership works on the whole network (I imagine it would) I’ll have to get one of them again.