TiVo adds movie tickets, photos to offerings

TiVo hopes to raise the stakes today in its battle with cable and satellite digital video recorders (DVRs) by introducing a suite of broadband-related services that enable many subscribers to use their TVs to buy movie tickets, share photos, check local weather and traffic, listen to radio podcasts and play games.

TiVo is getting some press today. That USA Today article has some more info on the new HME features, I like the plans to add movie trailers to the Fandango feature. There are also articles in Reuters and CNet.

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  • jetblack

    So basically it’s going to compete with Galleon a little. I hope Galleon can raise a the bar a little more, because I really like it.

  • megazone

    Well, a lot, since it will automatically appear on all networked TiVos and there is nothing to download or install. And it has access to things not in Galleon, like Live365 music and Fandango movie listings including buying tickets from the TiVo.

    There is some overlap with Galleon, but I would disable those Galleon modules and use these instead. Except, perhaps, weather – I like Galleon’s satellite imagery.

  • jetblack

    Well, I wonder if TiVo’s just going to ask the Weather Channel to use their sat images. :)

  • yakko7178

    what galleon has that this doesn’t is the automatic downloading of shows. That’s the best feature IMHO

  • jetblack

    Agreed. I really like that feature. I only use it for one show, though.