Rumor: Big, bad news in tomorrows LA Times

Spotted in PVRBlog: I talked to a LA Times reporter yesterday about some upcoming TiVo features (nope, not TiVo To Go), and all I can say is your jaw will likely drop when you hear about it, but not in a good way. I won’t say anything more, but look into tomorrow’s LA Times for the full skinny. Heads will roll.

Anyone out west who gets early delivery overnight? Nothing on the website yet – but I know it is only 18:18 out there. :-)

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  • jsciv

    He’s probably talking about this. Who knows, though.

    I’m with the people on that blog, though. If you’re going to shout “I’ve got a secret” at the top of your lungs, save your breath, please…..

  • buran

    Yeah, no kidding. What is the point? Why do people get off on going “Na na naaa, I know something you don’t, I’m not gonna tellllll yooooouuuuuu”? It just makes everyone want to punch their nose in and just freaking tell us already. :P

  • mangler103

    In general, I agree with tougher copyright laws, but that would be ridiculous. How could Tivo even tell which parts of the shows are commercials? They’d have to get rid of the fast forward feature completely.

    It seems to me though, anything they have to sneak through the Senate like that, hoping to avoid a fight, will face huge legal challenges, and most, if not all of it will be thrown out.

    I’m also generally agreeable to more government involvement in many aspects of life, but seriously, Keep Your Hands OFF my Tivo!

  • emarosan

    Hrm… I wonder what it could be?

    *reloads incessantly for evil news regarding his precious Tivo*

  • loraj

    My guess is that it would be a code on the same tv line as where you get the “press select to record” where at the end of a TV segment, it will set that code along with approx how long it would take you to FF through the commercial.

    I think this could only be done with deals done with the TV show you are watching.

  • seriouslyuguys,0,927837.story?coll=la-home-headlines

    Bigger tags on the commercials. Doesn’t seem too bad to me. As long as I can still fast-forward and use 30-sec skip, I don’t care if they make the ads look nicer while I’m skipping them.

  • monkey42

    Thanks for the link, better than the jerks all saying “I know something you dont know”

    I don’t see this as a big deal if i’m reading this right. If i’m interested in a product, I can get more information on it. As long as I can still fast-forward and ignore the tags, who cares?

    I remember hearing for a while about being able to purchase things through your TiVo, just wasn’t sure how they were going to handle the details of it.

  • buran

    That actually isn’t so bad… now if they’d offer info on VW/Audi instead of crappy Chevys like they have been lately. :p I’m a VW nut planning to get a new one next year.

  • monkey42

    Seriously, I’m suprised VW and TiVo aren’t better friends.

    VW did the iPod deal with the New Beetle.
    TiVo has the iPod deal with the credit card/referral points.

    VW, Apple, and TiVo people seem to be the type of people who are hardcore fans of their respective companies, and are willing to pay extra for the quality product.

    But then, maybe I’m biased as I drive around in my Jetta, listening to my iPod, with my TiVo sticker proudly displayed in the window :-)

  • buran

    I have a Belkin TuneCast II. I’m hoping the Golf 5/Audi A3 has a better hookup.

    I have,, and an Apple stickers on each of the rear fixed windows (all white against 35% tint on a white car — looks great!).

    No TiVo sticker — if they do a white silhouette of the TiVo guy I’ll do it but as it is right now, it would look bad. (Maybe we should suggest that!)

    Tell me about your Jetta. :> You can see pics of my Golf on the local club site under my name (Jennifer) in the member list. I’m probably going to replace it with another white car (see why) since I think current VW/Audi products look fantastic in Candy White!

  • tricia_rva

    I need a new VW, I had my cabriolet for 14 years… I miss it..