Some people can be paranoid

This guy seems to think TiVo is making his unit record ‘porn’ to corrupt him or his family.

I wonder how many people need to tell him his being paranoid before he believes it – or maybe he’ll think it is a conspiracy.

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  • buran

    They could, you know, just turn suggestions OFF. I did, after a while, because while it would sometimes record interesting stuff, sometimes it didn’t, and I decided it wasn’t worth the bother. Took me two minutes to find the option and 30 seconds to disable it. Poof, no more rogue programs.

  • tarpo

    I think I need to sit down and have a little talk with my Tivo about the complete lack of porn I am getting

  • jbru

    It isn’t Tivo. I am controlling his unit through the internet.

  • megazone

    Heh – you should post that in reply to him. :-)

  • ausiewanab

    Oh to think what a tivo thinks of their owners.

    And I’m with , I turned my suggestions off after I got weird shows recorded. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d prefer my tivo not record every episode of the Andy Griffin show. My tivo must think I still live in the 50′s.

  • rdcf

    Sounds like he should watch some of that porn – maybe it would loosen him up a bit.

  • buran

    I didn’t get anything offensive or anything like that. But as others have said here and elsewhere, it seems to put too much weight on occasional recordings. I mostly got documentaries that I really did like (and introduced to a new program once that I put on season pass!) but I let a friend record one of those home-redecoration shows once, while he was visiting, and ever since then I keep getting shows of that genre. I don’t want them — don’t like the genre myself — but it keeps on recording them even when I kept giving negative reviews, and apparently ignoring (or at least largely so) the stuff I have on standing “record this” orders.

    Argh. But instead of assuming conspiracy I assumed bad programming on someone’s part and just turned the feature off.

  • axey

    How does TiVo record porn you didn’t already order? All the porn channels on cable and sat providers are PPV or subscriber-only. If his unit is recording them, he’s already bought the stuff! What a dork!

  • howief

    I was thinking about replying to that. I mean, is there any possibility at all that someone else was using his Tivo? If he has kids, well, even if you don’t want to consider the possibility that his kids would go look at porn, kids have “friends”. How about the babysitter? Maybe she had her boyfriend over and… well, you know..

    If they are coming up as suggestions, it’s not like someone knows his Tivo online password and is using the Internet to program things..

    I just wonder about that log that Tivo keeps that records every button press. Wonder if there’s a hack to get into that easily?? Especially if there are date/timestamps…


  • academichussy

    OOhh — a verbal bitch slap! Well done!

  • miguelitof

    Have you never watched Cinemax after dark?