Toshiba announces two new TiVo DVD-R/RW units

Toshiba Showcases the Most Comprehensive Line of Digital Video Recorders in the Industry

“The RS-TX20 (MAP $599) with 120 GB hard disc drive and the RS-TX60 (MAP $699) with 160 GB hard disc drive will be available in August.”

With those MSRPs I think you’ll be seeing the 120GB model below $500 soon after release online.

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  • unteins

    Now we are getting into useful price points :)

  • megazone

    Oh yeah – I spent ~$700 on my Pioneer 810H, and that’s 80GB. The 120GB unit is MSRP $599 – and it sounds comparable in the TiVo and DVD features – PLUS DV input. This is going to put price pressure on Pioneer for sure. Heck, Pioneer’s initial MSRP on the Elite 57H 120GB unit was like $1800! The 810H was $1200. So they’re coming out with a better unit for less than have the money – 1/3 the money really.

  • unteins

    The only real downer is that Tivo no longer let’s you move your Lifetime service around, so I won’t be upgrading to a DVD unti anytime in the immediate future.

    Unless they release a 2 (or more) tuner Tivo + DVD burner. Sony has some nutty device with 7 tuners and a Terabyte of storage….

  • megazone

    Well, eBay is always an option – lifetime is worth it’s cost there it seems. Sometimes you can make out – if you have a unit that you only paid $200 or $250 for lifetime on you can get $300 for it on eBay now, plus the money for the unit. :-)

    My issue is the remote – the Tosbiba/DVD remote *SUCKS*. It is a button-farm remote. Rows and rows of identical buttons. Bad design. I bet the new DVD-R/RW units will have a similar remote.

    Oh, and, IIRC, 30-second skip is missing on the Toshiba, and I don’t think anyone has figured out how to expand the drives yet.