Suggesting new features to TiVo

Since this came up in the comments to my last entry I thought it was worth adding to the community info page and bringing up as a topic. TiVo has a form for TiVo Customer Suggestions. So if there are any features you really wish TiVo had, you can let them know about them with that form.

You don’t have to be this obsessed to share an idea with them. :-)

So, what is it that you really wish your TiVo could do? Who knows – maybe it can and someone here knows how you can do it. :-)

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  • chlaal

    One feature I have often wished for is a “switch to this channel when not recording” setting. For example, I like almost everything Comedy Central airs, so it would be nice sometimes to come home and be able to watch the last 30 minutes of Comedy Central from my live TV buffer. All the TiVo would have to do is store my channel preference and, whenever it finishes recording something, switch to that channel. That would be great. :)

  • megazone

    Yeah, a number of people have mentioned this kind of thing in the past – usually they want it to tune to something like CNN, or the local news station, so when they flip it on in the morning they have a news buffer.

    The only way to rig it now, if you know the timeframe, is to do something like setup a short recording with Keep At Most 1 which forces it to change the station, and put it at the bottom of the SP list so it never conflicts.

  • eryn_

    Should be able to jump to the bottom of the ToDo list to find out what SP had no matches. Icons to quickly describe why it won’t be recording any would help too.

    All the symbols needed for typing in wishlists should be available as on-screen help. I can never remember which button is the * and which the “. If this is done, it should NOT use the skip-to-tick button that is used for all cool features. (The label is worn off mine and I haven’t had it for 1.5 years yet.)

    It would also be nice if there were a larger font option.

    If I could have an impossible thing, I would want my TiVo to detect when the cable company has lied about lineup changes. It’s too trusting! I like the automatic fixes, but I feel like someone who lives in the wrong side of Indiana when Windows first started doing daylight savings conversions. Or maybe the message telling you about the lineup change should include a phone number to report failures.

  • benclark

    I’d really like to see some info on how much space is left (in hours:minutes) on my TiVo. The only info I can find is that I have up to 42 hours, but I’d like to see a pie chart, a status bar, anything really. This has bugged me from day one!

    Oh, and I want to have two tuners in a standalone, not just DTV.