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Forbes columnist Sam Whitmore looking for people to interview about TiVo

Sam Whitmore, columnist for, is writing on a column about TiVo, the company, and wants your help.

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Why Two TiVo Boxes Are Better Than One

TiVo’s latest email…

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It looks like standalone ReplayTV units may be going away

This thread at the AVS forums is based on statements in DNNA’s recent financial statements.

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Community info updated

After going on my RSS spree today I also found a number of additional TiVo related Yahoo groups. I’ve updated the community info with the full list, as well as links to the syndicated feeds for the groups that allow … Continue reading

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Yahoo RSS feeds

I created syndicated feeds for all of the Yahoo groups I’m in that have public archives. Including a few DVR related groups. tivocentral_y, tivodash_y, tivosuggestuk_y, replayusers_y, dvr_y, dvr2_y I encourage everyone to do the same for any Yahoo groups you’re … Continue reading

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