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News You Can Use From TiVo, Volume 53

TiVo’s latest newsletter…

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Glitch hits DirecTV TiVo boxes

A software glitch is freezing playback of stored shows on some DirecTV boxes that access TiVo’s digital video recorder service. So it finally hit the general press.

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New TiVo recorders on the horizon

New digital video recorders using TiVo’s service will be coming out this summer.

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The MPAA and NFL are going after TiVo

They don’t want you to have TiVo To Go, or any features that let you make content portable or share content. TiVo’s plans lead to copyright fight This really pisses me off. Content providers are trying to stifle innovation.

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Humax unit info

Humax has info on their new units on their website. And a teaser for their forthcoming TiVo/DVD-RW unit.

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