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A Damn Shame – PlayTeeVee Shutting Down

The most creative active developer for TiVo’s Home Media Engine (HME), PlayTeeVee, looks like they’ll be shutting down their service soon, according to a post in their blog. That’s a damn shame, and somewhat upsetting. PlayTeeVee has faced an uphill … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s TiVo Units Support HME

In the past one of the differences between TiVo units in the US and the TGC (TiVo Greater China) units sold in Taiwan is that the latter did not support HME (Home Media Engine). But this series of photos just … Continue reading

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PlayTeeVee Releases Multi-Player TiVo Game

I previously mentioned PlayTeeVee’s beta test for their new multi-player TiVo HME game. Now it is out of beta and anyone with a broadband connected TiVo can try it out. You just need to add PlayTeeVee to your TiVo, which … Continue reading

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PlayTeeVee Wants A Few Good Beta Testers

PlayTeeVee is getting ready to release their first online multi-player game for TiVo, and they’re looking for people to beta test it before release. If you have a broadband connected TiVo and you’re interested in testing it, email beta at … Continue reading

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PlayTeeVee Prepares For Multi-Player TiVo Gaming

The leaders in TiVo gaming, PlayTeeVee, have just added a new channel to their TiVo HME application. It is ‘Under Construction’, but according to their blog it will soon be home to their first multi-player game for TiVo. First they’ll … Continue reading

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