Taiwan’s TiVo Units Support HME

In the past one of the differences between TiVo units in the US and the TGC (TiVo Greater China) units sold in Taiwan is that the latter did not support HME (Home Media Engine). But this series of photos just uploaded to Flickr indicates HME support has been added. I don’t know if this is brand new, or if it has been there for a while and this user just uploaded the photos, but it is new to me. (If anyone knows when it was enabled, chime in with a comment.) The user seems to have tried it out by adding PlayTeeVee to his TiVo.

TGC HME Step 1, TGC HME Step 2, TGC HME Step 3, TGC HME Step 4, TGC HME Step 5, TGC HME Step 6, TGC HME Step 7, TGC HME Game 1, TGC HME Game 2, TGC HME Game 3, TGC HME Game 4, TGC HME Game 5, TGC HME Game 6, TGC HME Game 7, TGC HME Game 8

If anyone can translate the text on the TGC screens that’d be really cool.

Thanks to Davis Freeberg for the tip!

EDIT: The PlayTeeVee Blog found a blog post (in Chinese) which appears to be related to the photos.

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