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Blu-ray Player Information Resource

Blu-ray.com has overhauled the player information section of their site. It is a great resource for information on the various Blu-ray players on the market, as well as forthcoming announced players. You can list players by Blu-ray region (A, B, … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive MSRP Dropped To $129.99

I’ve seen this in so many places I can’t even remember where I spotted it first yesterday. It seems Toshiba isn’t the only brand-name trying the deep-discount approach to move HD DVD products. Microsoft just slashed the MSRP on their … Continue reading

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Sling Media At CES

On Wednesday at CES I managed to spend some time in Sling Media’s booth, including a nice sit-down with Dave Zatz for a demo of the SlingCatcher and the new SlingPlayer 2.0, including the Clip+Sling functionality. See my previous posts … Continue reading

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Sling Media Announces SlingModem, SlingLink Wireless, And More

First let me just say – I CALLED IT! Sling has developd a SlingModem – a cable modem with integrated Slingbox. As previously reported, it has already been certified by CableLabs. According to Dave Zatz, Sling is in talks with … Continue reading

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Sling Media Announces Slingbox PRO-HD and SlingPlayer Mobile For Blackberry

The official press releases go out in the morning, but Dave Zatz of Sling Media dropped me an email to let me know about two new products. I also spoke to him by phone to clarify a few points and … Continue reading

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