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Download TiVo Wallpaper For Your PC Or Mac

Here’s a fun little item that TiVo Blog picked up on. TiVo has downloadable desktop wallpaper for your PC or Mac for you to show your TiVo love.

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Pioneer jumps into the broadband fray with SyncTV

Sync TV, Inc, a subsidiary of Pioneer Research Center USA, Inc, launched a private beta of their ‘Unlimited Download’ service for TV today, and they sent me an email about it. They’re joining an increasingly crowded market, but there are … Continue reading

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Playing High-Def Downloads on your TiVo using a Mac

Reader Michael Alderete sent me a pointer to a blog post in which he details the process he uses to download high-def content via BitTorrent and than converts and transfers it to his TiVo for viewing, via his Mac. As … Continue reading

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