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30% of US Homes Have an Internet Connected Video Device

I found this surprising at first, but reading the numbers it does make sense. 30% of US households have an Internet connected device capable of handling video for their TV. The most common device is, not too surprisingly, a game … Continue reading

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An Interesting Tekzilla Daily Tip on Chrome

OK, I admit it, it is mainly interesting because I sent the tip in. And I get a kick out of hearing Veronica Belmont say ‘MegaZone’. I send viewer tips into Tekzilla now and then, this is the second time … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Google Toolbar for Firefox

Just after Firefox 5 released a support thread was started in their forums by users upset that Google Toolbar was not compatible with FF5. A lot of the posts were frankly demanding and entitled, and I posted a reply with … Continue reading

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TiVo Is Going Mobile

No, I don’t mean TiVo is doing place-shifting. And no, I’m not referring to TiVoToGo. Or even the remote scheduling deals with Verizon or with RIM for BlackBerry – though those are close. What I am talking about is a … Continue reading

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WordPress Updated To 2.6.2 And Plug-In Changes

WordPress 2.6.2 is out and I’ve updated the site. I also updated plug-ins, and in the process I decided to drop Viper’s Video Quicktags. It added a lot of page volume with the included files and I found it didn’t … Continue reading

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