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Assorted Holiday Deals

A number of the site’s affiliates are running specials for holiday shoppers. Here’s a selection – and remember you can always support the site by using the links under the ‘Shop Gizmo Lovers’ entry in the top menu. Some of … Continue reading

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A Peak at the New DirecTV HD UI

DirecTV has a new HD UI ‘coming soon’ to their receivers, and it looks pretty good. They’ve released a promo video showing off the new UI, which Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny helpfully ripped to YouTube saving me the … Continue reading

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DirecTV’s Nomad Now Available – Does Copying, Not Streaming

Back in August I posted a number of details about DirecTV’s then forthcoming Nomad place shifting product, and it is finally here for $149. It turns out that most of the info I had at the time was correct and, … Continue reading

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MoCA and DECA – What’s the Difference? Or Is There One At All?

I’ve seen a lot of confusion over MoCA and DECA in various forums recently, so I thought it was worth addressing. Mostly people saying that DirecTV uses ‘DECA’ and not MoCA, and they’re not compatible. This is both correct and … Continue reading

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DirecTV Turns To NDS for Over the Top Video Tech

DirecTV has turned to NDS and their VideoGuard Connect DRM product for their over the top (OTT) content offering to subscribers. It sounds like this phase is for content delivered to set top boxes, as DirecTV said they’re not willing … Continue reading

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