Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Video Round Up

Lockheed Martin Logo Over the past month or so Lockheed Martin has released a number of videos highlighting progress on the F-35 Lightning II program. This first video is a look back at the accomplishments made in 2011:

They were pitching the F-35 to potential customers at the Singapore Airshow in February:

They made the first flights of the F-35B with external stores, including external stores pylons, inert AIM-9X Sidewinder middles, and a centerline 25mm gun pod. And before you comment, yes, carrying external stores destroys stealth. The F-35, and F-22, can operate with internal stores only for ‘first day of the war’, all-up stealth. But once air defenses have been suppressed, or in uncontested environments, carrying stores externally allows the aircraft to carry more ordinance to accomplish more on a given mission. They’re also used for external tanks for ferry flights, etc.

And the Marines celebrated the arrival of the F-35B, and the USAF the first flight of the F-35A, at Eglin AFB in Florida:

The US Navy’s Naval Air Systems Command also released their own 2011 Year In Review video:

As well as one commemorating the first flight of an F-35C for the UK:

And, just because, here’s a bonus video of F-16s from the 149th Fighter Wing of the Texas Air National Guard out of Lackland AFB in San Antonio:

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