Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett Talks TiVo And OTT Content At Cable Congress

Virgin Media Logo Digital TV Europe interviewed Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett at Cable Congress in Brussels, and he had some good things to say about TiVo and OTT content. TiVo really seems to be a runaway success for Virgin Media, and he reiterated their plans to roll TiVo out across their entire base in the next three to four years.

Now, I’ve seen some reports that he said they will bring Netflix and/or Lovefilm to their TiVo platform, but that’s not quite what he actually said. This is:

DTVE: Do you think platforms like TiVo are the best defense for cable against the so-called OTT players like Netflix?

Neil Berkett: We embrace over-the-top quite frankly. We’re somewhat unique in the the way in which our revenue is structured. So we will bring the likes of a Netflix or a Lovefilm onto our TiVo platform.

Note “the likes of”. That leaves wiggle room for them to use Netflix or Lovefilm, or some other, similar service entirely. Now, I think Netflix and Lovefilm are the best potential services for Virgin, but I wouldn’t treat this like an official announcement of any actual plans. Still, it is encouraging. Watch the video for more:

Neil Berkett: Virgin Media will bring OTT players like Netflix to TiVo from Digital TV Europe on Vimeo.

From Digital TV Europe via The Virgin Media TiVo Blog.

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