Boeing Celebrates The Completion Of The 1000th B777, With A Big EGO

Boeing Logo Boeing continues to release videos as part of their celebration for the B777 line hitting 1,000 aircraft. This one is a look at the 1,000th B777 itself and the actual celebration held for its completion, all shiny and ready for delivery to Emirates. There it’ll join the 102 B777s already in service with Emirates, which plans to operate 200 of them by 2020. Emirates is a committed B777 operator, having used all six models of the aircraft, the -200, -200ER, -200LR, -300, -300ER, and the 777F (freighter based on the -200LR). The 1,000th B777 is a 777-300ER, the largest in the family and the second longest ranged, after the -200LR.

The GE90-115 engines on the -300ER are the most powerful turbine engines in use, rated at 115,540 pounds of thrust each, though they hold the Guinness Record at 127,900 pounds of thrust. As a mark of how far we’ve come, note that Boeing’s first jet airliner, the B707, was initially powered by engines producing 13,000 pounds of thrust. A single engine on today’s B777 produces twice as much thrust as all four engines on the first B707s, while being vastly more reliable, fuel efficient, and quieter.

The B777 is a remarkable aircraft, I can’t wait to see what’s next with the planned -8X/-9X models.

Oh, and the bit in the subject about the ‘Big EGO’ – if you watched the video you might’ve noticed the tail number is A6-EGO.

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