I Try Not To Drool As the ASUS Transformer Prime Is Fondled On Video

ASUS Transformer Prime with Dock - Front My technolust is running high where the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime is concerned. The two gizmos I’m trying my best to patiently wait for are this and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully the rumors are true and they’ll both launch in December.

Now blog Ritchie’s Room has gotten their hands on one for review, including a video. This is what they mean by gadget pr0n, I think:

There’s also an earlier video from NVIDIA showing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Prime, but it is just a quick tease:

Soon… my precious…

Via Engadget.

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  • Fanfoot

    Excellent article and video, thanks for the link! 

    It really does look excellent.  Nice to see some actual competition for the iPad starting to appear.   Not sure pricing it the same as the iPad will work out the best for Asus of course (even if it is 32GB and more flexible).  But hey, I guess we’ll find out…

    I do have to say the obvious thing about Ice Cream Sandwich here–from the reviews on The Verge and other blogs it sounds like a MAJOR upgrade from Honeycomb, and just because Asus says they promise/hope/expect to have it out soon for the Prime doesn’t mean its going to happen.  If its really important to you to get ICS, you might want to wait until Asus actually releases the upgrade rather than believing the hype they’ll sell you until after they have your money… 

    • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

      ICS is already running on the Prime so I’m not worried.  NVIDIA is showing it off and touting it.  It is political.  Google has reserved the fanfare for the Galaxy Nexus and wants it to have an exclusive window as the first shipping ICS device.  Personally I suspect ASUS has the ICS upgrade ready to go but doesn’t want to sit on the Prime until they have the OK and miss all of the holiday shopping season.

      As for the pricing – yeah.  The Prime is just better all the way around.  Better CPU, better screen, thinner, more ports, the keyboard dock, more storage, etc.  But for many “It isn’t an iPad” is all they’ll notice, which is a shame.

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