Google TV Updated – Three Weeks Ago

Logitech Revue Google TV Sometimes there is just too much to cover and not enough time in the day and things get backed up. I’ve actually had tabs open in Chrome for this news for weeks, and I’m finally getting it out.

Back on October 28th, Google officially announced the update to Google TV. Good news for those who snapped up the Logitech Revue when the price was slashed to $99.99. Or maybe this is what you were waiting for to grab one yourself – or bundled with the web cam for $199.98. It is a very capable streaming STB and Google seems committed to it, even if it wasn’t a smashing success out of the gate. They did just add Google Music support to it as well.

The Google TV update bumps the platform to a base of Android 3.1 Honeycomb and brings a whole new UI which adopts a lot of the conventions from Honeycomb. It is much cleaner and simpler, and I think it is a needed improvement. There is a new TV & Movies app which helps users find content across all sources – TV or OTT. There is also a new YouTube application which greatly improves the experience. But, of course, the biggest, and most anticipated addition, is 3rd party app support via the Android Market. There are already a number of apps optimized for Google TV, with more to come. And general Android applications can run on Google TV as long as they don’t have HW needs it doesn’t support – such as a touchscreen, GPS, or telephony.

They released a short video highlighting the changes for those who already had Google TV:

They’ve also released several videos promoting the new Google TV in general, or highlighting specific features, such as Search or Photos:

They also did a Google+ Hangout Q&A with Google TV Product Manager Jurek Foryciarz and the video is available on YouTube, though embedding is disabled so you’ll have to watch it there. There is some interesting info in there, such as that they’re working on NDK support so more Android apps, especially games, will be able to run on Google TV. He also states that Google TV will be moving to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is something I’ve seen a lot of questions about around the net. If you’re interested in the future of Google TV it is really worth watching – or at least listening too since the video is just him talking.

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  • xdreamwalker

    Yeah, Google TV is updated, but only for Sony devices. The Logitech Revue has yet to get it.!/GoogleTV/status/135055192675721217

    • MegaZone

      Yeah, Jurek said during the hangout that it would be a matter of ‘weeks’ before it hit the Revue.

  • Fanfoot

    I can’t see recommending the Logitech to anybody honestly.  I mean I’m very interested in Google’s work in this space and hope to see future work, and maybe there will be some cool stuff coming some day, but the current products are hopelessly flawed as products for normal people.  If you’re a geek and know what you’re getting into, hey have at it.  But for a regular person I’d hold off until a version comes out with better integration via networking with your existing DVR, or integrated with Sage TV or Motorola, or based on ARM rather than Intel and with a please god new remote that’s more like the Boxee Box one than the current Sony horror show.  Or something.  Especially since Logitech has been pretty clear you won’t see any more updates after this one, and they won’t be producing any follow on devices.

  • Cmartin300

    Matter of weeks………. Wtf…….. I heard that months ago! Just release it already, my revue is ready for it. Or, offer some explanation for the wait. Someone……anyone?

    • MegaZone

      You’d have to ask Logitech.  Google has released the software, but they don’t control the device updates.  It is just like cell phones – they can release a new version of Android but devices only get it when vendors & carriers push it out.  Sony pushed it out to their Google TV produces already, Logitech probably isn’t in a hurry given how much of a bath they took on the Revue.

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