Win MegaZone’s Old Stuff Giveaway 3 of 3 – Slingbox PRO & HD Connect

Slingbox PRO This is giveaway three of three, as explained in the first giveaway post. This is my old Slingbox PRO and HD Connect. Note, this is the PRO, and not the PRO-HD. The PRO does not stream in HD. With the HD Connect dongle you can feed it HD content via component video but it is down sampled to 640×480 for streaming. The PRO also doesn’t work with the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone SlingPlayer clients – they only work with the PRO-HD and SOLO. (The clients require H.264, the PRO encodes as WMV9.) So what is it good for? Well, it works just fine with the Windows and Mac OS SlingPlayer, and it works with the older mobile clients – Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, and Blackberry. And it works with the SlingCatcher, if you have one of those.

Slingbox PRO HD Connect With the HD Connect the Slingbox PRO supports up to four simultaneous inputs. There is an internal NTSC tuner which supports analog cable, composite video, S-Video, and component video (via the HD Connect dongle). It is in the original packaging and I’ve included all of the types of cables it came with. They might not be the exact cables – who can keep that straight and tell one cable from another? – but you should have what you need.

So how do you win? Leave a comment on this post. You have one week. Comments made before 00:00 EST Monday 11/14 will count as entries. Please, one comment per person. I’ll contact the winner based on the email address used on the comment, so make sure you use a valid address.

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  • Raianoat

    In :)

  • xdreamwalker

    Yeah, I’m in. I’ve been looking to replace my Slingbox Classic.

  • Richard Wicentowski

    This would be great!  Much better than the adapter and the media player. :)

  • MHA

    My original Slingbox can’t seem to get video from my current setup, so an upgrade would come in handy. :-)

  • David

    Would love to have a slingbox.

  • Phil

    Would love one of these!

  • cckrobinson

    Count me in.

  • Michael

    I have struggled with Orb and this could be much better!

  • Michael

    Pick me?

  • Anonymous

    Been wanting a sling box – count me in! 

  • Elihu Rozen

    Might as well throw my hat in the ring

  • Jason D’Orazio

    I’ve been wanting to try Slingbox with a SlingCatcher for a summer cottage which lost OTA reception with the digital transition.  This would remove half of the required equipment.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    I’d love to win a slingbox! Thanks.

  • Huey Callison

    Free crap? Okay then.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, looks like something I could use.  I’ll give it a shot!  Pick me!  Pick Me!