Win MegaZone’s Old Stuff Giveaway 1 of 3 – TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter

TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter Perhaps unsurprisingly I’m a bit of a tech pack rat. I tend not to get rid of old gear once I stop using it, unless perhaps it died. Even then sometimes I have trouble letting go. But whenever I have something that’s still working, but I just don’t need it anymore, I tend to file it away ‘just in case’. Well, since my fiancee moved in a year ago I’ve been cleaning out a lot of the old stuff to de-clutter a bit. I donated or freecycled some of it, but I put some items aside thinking they might make for decent giveaway items when I finally relaunched the blog. And so here we are.

This first round has three giveaways. First up is a TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter. I used this for a long time but eventually I ran wired Ethernet and ‘retired’ this adapter. I kept it ‘just in case’ I needed it again. But I don’t see that happening so I figure I should give it away to someone who could use it. This is TiVo’s official 802.11g USB adapter for Series2 and later models.

So how do you win? Leave a comment on this post. You have one week. Comments made before 00:00 EST Monday 11/14 will count as entries. Please, one comment per person. I’ll contact the winner based on the email address used on the comment, so make sure you use a valid address.

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  • Anonymous

    hey  great post   im huge fan of Tivo :)

  • Richard Wicentowski

    Weclome back!  :)

  • Scott Ellis

    Still using an old wireless B adapter for one TiVo.

  • Michael

    I need to move my router to I’m going to need one of these!

  • Morac

    I’m thinking of moving my TiVo to a room with no wired connection so this might come in handy.

  • Michael

    Pick me!!?!

  • Dennis

    I’m still running a tv through the phone line so this would be great!

  • Dennis

    I’m still running a tv through the phone line so this would be great!

  • Anonymous

    I could use one to hack for an old computer. :)

  • Stephanie

    I bought a new TiVo this year, but I love my series 2 too much to let it go. I only have one wireless adapter so I constantly run up and down stairs to connect my TiVo for updates. My knees will thank you. :-)

  • Jason D’Orazio

    I would love to replace the D-Link adapter on my parents’ S2 with this for the stability and performance improvements.

  • Joe

    Welcome back and I sure would love to win.

  • TrinSF

    It’s me posting! Yay, winning stuff from you! 

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