Gizmo Lovers Will Be Sporadically Offline Due to Snow

Gizmo Lovers Logo A quick site update while I can. You may be aware of the freak October snow storm that hit New England this weekend, and if not – hey, we had a freak snow storm this weekend. The area I live in got dumped on pretty heavily. Heavy, wet snow + trees that have not yet lost their leaves = lots of downed trees and power lines.

I lost power at my house for about five hours on Sunday morning, but I got off easy. My domains, included, are hosted on the freenet started by my circle of friends back in college. Unfortunately the main server location fared worse and has been without power since Sunday morning. The current estimate from the power company is that they may not have mains power back until late Thursday. Of course, we’re all hoping that’s a conservative estimate. For now the site will be offline much of the time, and back online periodically via generator. The servers are brought up for a few hours at a time as some of them are also mail servers for various domains (none of mine, I moved email to Google Apps last year) and this allows them to process queued messages.

This all means I most likely won’t be able to post much of anything until mains power is restored. And even if I do get a window to post, new posts will be unavailable much of the time as the server is offline. So please bear with me. A little server inconvenience is nothing compared to all of the people without power, which often means no heat, hot water, etc.


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  • Anonymous

    Hope things are running smoothly soon. You might already know this, but I’ve noticed it for a few weeks… If you scroll down and click on the “<– older posts" link, it jumps all the way back to October 1. All posts between the ones on the first page and Oct 1 are missing from this navigation.

    • MegaZone

      Hmm, I tried it out but it seems to be working OK for me – no jump.

      • Anonymous

        Well that’s just strange. Cleared my cache just to be sure. It jumps back to the Oct 1st Roomba post for me.

        • MegaZone

          Curious – what platform are you on?  (Windows/Mac/Linux?)  And which browser & version thereof are you using?

          When I look at the home page the ‘Older posts’ link is to: And that, right now, starts with my post from Monday, October 31st.

          • Anonymous

            Windows 7 using Firefox 7. Same thing happens when I use IE9.

            I also tried to use the calendar on the right hand side to get to older posts. When I clicked on “<< Oct" it shows posts only from Oct 1-3rd. Rest of the calendar dates are grayed out.

            Are you logged into the site? Maybe it looks different for you if you're logged in to wordpress. Wonder if it's some kind of archiving bug or bad setting.

          • MegaZone

            That was it – I logged out and saw the problem. I cleared all of the cache and it seems to be fixed.

          • Anonymous

            Looks much better now, but I think it’s still lingering. Second page jumps back to the 4th. Can’t see the Old Stuff Giveaway posts and such anymore.

          • MegaZone

            It is definitely related to the cache plugin I’m using.  I don’t know if this has been happening for a while or if it started with the last update.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if there is something I can tweak to resolve it without disabling it entirely.