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Whatever Happened to Cox & Comcast OnDemand Support on Retail TiVos?

I see these questions pop up repeatedly on pretty much every TiVo-related forum around the net. Where is the promised OnDemand support for retail TiVos? Short answer: It’s coming. I’ll tackle the second one first, Comcast. For this one I … Continue reading

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Virgin Media Begins Pilot Deployment of Their Next Big TiVo Software Update

Virgin Media has begin a pilot roll out of their next major software update and they’ve posted the details, which confirm what we’d heard earlier. This week we have begun a limited pilot of our next TiVo software release. This … Continue reading

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Dish Network Employees Haven’t Changed Their Spamming Ways

Last month I posted about Dish Network employees spamming blogs across the net, and it looks like they’re still at it. Tonight there was a comment on one of my posts mirrored to LiveJournal, made from – a Dish … Continue reading

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