DirecTV THR22, aka the new DirecTiVo, Listed at Solid Signal

Solid Signal DirecTV THR22 Online distributor Solid Signal has listed the DirecTV THR22, also known as the new DirecTiVo, on their site. Unfortunately it is listed as “Currently Not Available” and no price is given, but the listing does confirm some of the previously available information. And it all makes sense given the THR22 seems to be pretty much the existing HR22 with a new face plate and the TiVo software loaded. We’ll have to wait for someone to tear one open and compare the internals, but I expect they’ll be pretty similar, if not the same. (Given it has been a few years since the HR22 was produced some components may be updated just for supply reasons.)

Some of the features, as listed by Solid Signal:

  • The DIRECTV THR22 supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i picture resolution outputs and multiple screen formats.
  • New DIRECTV Reciever with TiVo
  • Pause live TV for up to 90 minutes and use rewind, instant replay and slow motion on live or recorded TV
  • Does not have built in ATSC tuner
  • HDMI cable included
  • 500gb Hard Drive Allows up to 100 Hours of MPEG4 HD or 400 Hours of SD
  • The DIRECTV THR22 includes two satellite tuners for access to SD and HD DIRECTV programming
  • Access Card and Remote Control included
  • Compatible with Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM) Systems
  • Record up to 400 hrs of SD, up to 100 hours of HD (MPEG-4) programming
  • Watch whatever you want on your own schedule. Store your favorite programs, whether standard-definition or high-definition.

So it looks like the new DirecTiVo really is coming soon.

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  • pdbreen

    It will be interesting to find out if it’s compatible with DTVs existing multi-room viewing and if it will be able to exchange content with other Tivo’s on the same network (and support Tivo streaming when that’s officially released).  My current setup is DTV in the house and Tivo in a detached garage – all on the same network.  

    It’d be killer if I could swap out one of my DTV receivers with this box and then stream the content to the non-DTV Tivo in the garage.  

    But it’s pretty much a requirement that it play nice with DTV’s existing MRV (which is a pretty nice feature).  Maybe that was the delay?  Tivo had to get streaming done before the DTV version could be released?  I can hope…

    • MegaZone

      It does NOT do DirecTV MRV – or any MRV at all.  That was confirmed by DirecTV’s own training video:

      It may get it in a software update at some point, but as of now each THR22 is an island.

      • pdbreen

        Ahh – saw your original post, but missed the update with the training video info.  Guess that answers my questions – for now.  Still hopeful things will change in the future…

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