Stuck With A TiVoCast Wine Library TV Subscription

Yesterday when I posted about the latest wave of Revision3 additions to TiVoCast I also mentioned that Wine Library TV was listed online but not yet on the TiVo. So you can set up a Season Pass for Wine Library TV online, but not on your TiVo. You know what you can’t do? Cancel it.

It didn’t occur to me last night, but the only place to cancel a TiVoCast Season Pass is through Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos. You can’t cancel it from within a downloaded episode and you can’t cancel it online. I realized this because I signed up for it yesterday to make sure it worked before posting. But I’m really not into wine, at all, and I quickly decided the show wasn’t for me, so I went looking for a way to cancel the Season Pass. Oops.

So beware, if you sign up for Wine Library TV (again, don’t confuse it with Wine Library Reserve) you’ll be stuck with the Season Pass until TiVo gets around to fixing things so that it shows up in the TiVoCast list on the TiVo itself. In the meantime if you don’t like it you’ll be stuck deleting new episodes once they download. I hope TiVo fixes this soon.

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  • Robert

    Check the video download section on TiVo again. I discovered all the Rev.3 shows, including Wine Library TV listed – cancel or subscribe at your hearts content.

  • MegaZone

    Are you sure? I see Wine Library Reserve listed, which is not the same as Wine Library TV. They’re both Rev3 shows. I’m looking at it right now.

  • Robert

    I just double checked and your right, for some reason Reserve is on there but the original is not. It seems to be the only Revision 3 show not listed on the browse video directly on TiVo. I don’t watch WLTV or Reserve so I forgot they split it out. Hopefully they’ll fix that. Otherwise I’m happy to have Totally Rad Show, Diggnation and Tekzilla on my TiVo.

  • Stephen Mack

    Hi MegaZone, this is fixed now. Sorry for the problem.

  • MegaZone

    Thanks. It is nice having Rev3 shows in TiVoCast, now I’ll only have to pester you to get them in HD. ;-)