Dish Network DTVPal Now Available – For $59.99

The Dish Network DTVPal digital-to-analog converter is now available from the official website. When it was first announced as the TR40 back at CES the price target was given as $39.99, the value of the government coupons, which would’ve made it ‘free’. However, between then and now things have changed, and the release pricing is $59.99, so the box is $19.99 after the coupon, plus $8.95 for shipping. So it will cost you $28.94 to get a DTVPal from the official site, if you have a coupon, or $68.94 without one. You can order one or two DTVPal’s at a time, though there is no discount on shipping for ordering two. Dave Zatz’s unboxing videos will give you a look at the DTVPal.

Disclaimer: I work for Sling Media. Sling Media is owned by EchoStar. EchoStar produces the DTVPal for Dish Network. Sling Media has nothing to do with the DTVPal. So, while you’re free to comment, this isn’t any kind of official feedback channel. Don’t expect comments here to get to EchoStar or Dish Network.

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  • greg_burns

    Our records indicate that you or this address had Dish Network service in the past. We are unable to automatically process your request to order the DTVPal receiver online. Please call 1-888-638-9912 and a DTVPal representative will help you with your order.


  • R Long

    I got the same message, I called the number bracing myself for a sales pitch but none came they were helpful in taking my order
    The only sales pitch was a polite “thank you for ordering from Dishnetwork. The CS Rep said that it was some kind of glitch for
    Existing customers. They did hit me for double shipping for two and taxes.

  • greg_burns

    No sales pitch eh? Still got this coupon burning a hole in my pocket…