TiVo Adds Two High-End Packages To TiVo Rewards

As announced this morning, TiVo is discontinuing the TiVo Rewards program soon. It looks like, as a parting offer, they’ve added a couple of high-end rewards packages for those over-achievers with a high points count. The former high-end was the Series3, which goes for 75,000 points.

Now we have the TiVo Rewards Entertainment Package and the TiVo Rewards Ultimate Entertainment Package. The former goes for 120,000 points and gives you a TiVo HD, TiVo WiFi adapter, and Product Lifetime Service! The latter goes for 150,000 and adds a Western Digital My DVR Expander Hard Drive to the deal.

The TiVo HD alone goes for 35,000 points, and the Western Digital My DVR Expander Hard Drive goes for 28,500 points. I believe that’s a new addition along with the TiVo Duffle Bag and TiVo Backpack, each 5,000 points.

EDIT: Dave Zatz noticed something interesting during an email exchange. The Entertainment Package is 120,000 points and includes a TiVo HD, WiFi adapter, and lifetime service. The Ultimate Entertainment Package is 150,000 points and includes a TiVo HD, WiFi adapter, lifetime service, and a WD eSATA drive. So that means the drive adds 30,000 points to the ‘cost’ of the package. But you can get the drive by itself for 28.500 points – a savings of 1,500 points. Give the Entertainment Package plus a drive for 148.500 – instead of the Ultimate package for 150,000.

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  • http://www.zatznotfunny.com Dave Zatz

    Yah, the hard drive is a new addition. If there was anything good on TV, I might have picked it up. ;) I wish they had a newer camera, like the Canon SD870IS instead of the SD750 (without image stablization). I could use a new camera… maybe I’ll get two TiVo HDs for ebay to fund a camera purchase.