Amazon Sees Strong Sales On High-Def Players And Discs

According to an Amazon press sold enough high-def DVD players to cover seven football fields. And I’d bet that doesn’t count the PS3s they sold. Their busiest day of holiday sales was December 10th, which saw 5.4 million items ordered – an average of 62.5 items per second. There are some other interesting trivia bits – apparently there is an anime fan in Barrow, Alaska for instance.

Even more interesting, due to their currently running Blu-ray and HD DVD sales, high-definition titles have been pushed to the top of their (poorly named) ‘Bestsellers in DVD’ list. I believe for the first time ever. The top four spots on the list are HD DVD editions of four Harry Potter films, certainly due to the current Buy One, Get One free sale. The Serenity HD DVD clocks in at #15, while Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on Blu-ray hits #19 – likely due to the current deep discount sale. There are a number of BD and HD DVD titles fairly high up on the list, the BOGO sale is certainly a big boost to HD DVD sales this week. And I expect a lot of those $99 fire sale priced HD DVD players from the weeks before Christmas were just setup this week, so there are people looking to pick up some titles – and the BOGO sale is the best deal available right now.

Picked up from High-Def Digest.

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