Warner Issues a Non-Denial Denial Of Blu-ray Exclusivity

Don Lindich, syndicated columnist, contacted Warner Bros. about the rumors that they will be going exclusive with Blu-ray in 2008. He received a short reply from Jim Noonan, Warner Bros. Senior Vice President and General Manager:

“Dear Mr. Lindich, We have made no decision to change our present policy which is to produce in both HD DVD and Blu-ray.”

I’ve seen enough corporate-speak to recognize a non-committal statement when I see one. It isn’t a denial or a confirmation. The wording is interesting – “no decision to change our present policy”. Parsed one way it could be that they don’t plan to change the policy at this time, but may be planning to change it in the future. Or it can be read as there being no plans to change at all. But in that case, why not come right out and say that clearly?

I would not expect Warner to confirm any plans for exclusivity. If they do plan to make an announcement at CES, they wouldn’t want to spoil it by pre-announcing. Especially with holiday shopping still underway, they don’t want to hurt their sales. If they even implied that they were dropping either format it could tank the sales of that format during the biggest shopping season of the year.

So there is still the chance that CES could hold some interesting news.

Via EngadgetHD.

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