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Shout Out From Blake

Welcome to the first-ever issue of SlingShot! The goal of our newsletter is to keep you looped in to all things Sling. Find out what’s new and hot. Get some tips and tricks. And learn how other Slingers are using their Slingbox™. (Like me. I have a whole webpage to share. Check it out.) We also want to know what you think — it’s important to us. So shoot us an email. The invitation’s open and the email address is below.

Slingbox SOLO

I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. But in the true spirit of the Holidays, it’s time to celebrate and look forward to bright beginnings. We’re toasting to new products (cheers to Slingbox SOLO), our new website (www.slingmedia.com — surf it now), exciting new opportunities (we’re psyched EchoStar has acquired us) and YOU — our invaluable customer. Thank you for your unwavering and continued support. So, raise your glass! This one’s for you.

It’s a truly awesome time for us. We set out to revolutionize the way you watch TV and access video. And I’m happy to say we’ve succeeded. But we’re far from done. Placeshifting is much more than just the ability to watch your living room television from anywhere, so we’re dedicated to delivering fresh, innovative and fun to use products in the very near future.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. Sling on!

Blake Krikorian
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO
Sling Media

P.S. We want to hear from you! Email your feedback to editor@slingmedia.com. Let us know how and where you like to Sling and what you’d like to see in future issues of SlingShot. And feel free to forward our newsletter to all your friends, too.
·Give the Gift of TV. Anytime. Anywhere.
·Slingbox eases fears.
·Slingbox is a hit!
·Tip This!
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Give the Gift of TV. Anytime. Anywhere.
The holidays are here and with them comes the magic of the Season coupled with the madness of trying to find that oh-so-special-and-different gift for someone who seems to have it all. Do you really want to give them something useful that you just can’t wait for them to open? Well, don’t sweat it. We have the answer. (Want to guess what that is? Drum roll, please…) Get ’em a Slingbox! Chances are you already know how useful it is and, let’s face it, there are a few things we just can’t live without these days: Starbucks®, mobile phones, the Internet and TV. And Slingbox easily ties these together, making your experiences with each more enjoyable. (You might be wondering how it can make Starbucks better, but it can. Waiting in those long lines can be such a drag, but not if you can watch TV while you’re waiting!) With a complete family to choose from, there’s a Slingbox that’s right for every hard-to-buy-for loved one on your list. Check ’em out:
The Slingbox Family

Slingbox™ SOLO
The newest addition to the Slingbox line-up also has the freshest face. With its cheerful red holiday glow and a pleasing price, the Slingbox SOLO ($179.99) transforms PCs, laptops, Macs, and a variety of mobile phones into personal, portable TVs. Out of the box, it connects to either a standard definition or a high definition source. So if your loved ones are hooked on HD, choose a SOLO.
Slingbox™ PRO
Take your home theater with you. Designed for the home theater aficionado, Slingbox PRO ($229.99) has multiple A/V inputs and outputs, controlling up to four video sources — including your HD set top box when used with the optional HD Connect Cable ($49.99). Now you can control your DVD player, a still video camera, your standard def set top box and your high def set top box, all with one Slingbox. With this Slingbox PRO, your entire home theater travels with you and can all be accessed using the SlingPlayer or SlingPlayer Mobile software on your various computing devices.
Slingbox™ AV
The Slingbox AV ($129.99) is an ideal starter Slingbox that’s perfect for controlling a cable or satellite set-top box. It also makes a great second Slingbox for those who love their first and often commandeer the family TV from afar. Just connect the Slingbox AV to a second set top box in your home (one connected to a TV that is less used) and you should have the freedom to roam the dial as you wish. Slingbox AV is an incredible value for those you value most.

Free Delivery From the Sling StoreSo make this holiday season the Season of Sling. At least you know it won’t be re-gifted! Just hurry! If you buy now, you’ll get free shipping from the Sling Store for a limited time.

Not sure exactly what Slingbox is the right Slingbox? Click here for help.

Slingers Zone
Slingbox eases fears.
Slinger Mark Dillon of Poway, California was forced to evacuate his home — along with 300,000 others — in late October when fires ravaged San Diego. Unable to return home for days, he was very worried about what was happening. His Slingbox allowed him to keep tabs on the status of his home. "I tried to visit my house but the police line a half mile away was as close as I could get. I pinged my Slingbox and BINGO! There it was, talking to me! I knew then the power was up, the network was up and there was a house around them both for me to go back to. This was the first positive confirmation I had that my home was still there. Thanks to my Slingbox, I knew my house was safe and felt a huge sense of relief."
Slingbox eases fears.
Slingbox is a hit!Slingbox is a hit!
As producer and unit production manager of the hit HBO® show Entourage, Wayne Carmona is responsible for coordinating dozens of people heavily tasked with planning and producing up to 20 episodes a season. Frequently filming on multiple locations rather than on a fixed set, Wayne and his crew are constantly on the go, multi-tasking at the pace of a "speeding train." A challenge for the team has been keeping one eye on live filming while readying for another scene or episode. "Everything I do is problem solving. With 16 Slingboxes and an OQO handheld computer, I eliminate location barriers and time delays to receive near real-time access to filming while I’m on the go."

Want to see how Wayne and the Entourage crew use Slingbox to access real-time video feeds from the multiple sets used to film Entourage? Click here.

Tips and Tricks
Tip This!
While some say we’ve extended the battle for the remote control to the Internet, there’s no reason you have to keep fighting for control. As you may know, things can get pretty intense when you’re 5,000 miles away using your Slingbox and computer to watch one program on your TV, while your family is propped in front of it, trying to watch another. So, here are a few suggestions to help you maintain harmony on the home front:

Tip 1Connect your Slingbox to a second — or less used — cable or satellite set-top box. This way you’ll be able to watch your own TV while on the road, record shows at your leisure and move up and down the dial freely.

Tip 2Split your signal. If you have a cable box and either a Slingbox Classic or Slingbox PRO, just split your cable signal (coming out of the wall) before it reaches your set-top box, then use your Slingbox’s built-in tuner. In most regions his will give you remote access to all of your analog cable stations (1-99) without changing the channel that’s being watched at home.

Slingbox PRO

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