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Letter From the Editor

“Do you hear what I hear?”

It’s the sound of holiday favorites like Miracle on 34th Street and Ruldolph’s Shiny New Year popping up on your Now Playing List, thanks to the year’s most anticipated Guru Guides from TiVo!

That’s right – some presents are worth re-gifting, and since thousands of you enjoyed how easy it was to have everything from misfit toys to menorahs sent straight to your TV in 2006, we’re bringing our gift of holiday-themed Guru Guides back for your auto-recording pleasure. Choose to record the entire guide, or browse to schedule recordings one-by-one. I have faith that no matter what holiday you joyfully celebrate this time of year, there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ for everyone here:

* A Very Vintage Christmas: Any kid would call you a blockhead if you miss these nostalgic animated (and animagic!) greats.

* Music Specials & Holiday Concerts: Jingling bells and oh-so-many carols,

* Holiday Cooking & Crafts: Creatives always love a sampling of cheerful ideas. And can you just say “YUM” to gingerbread?
* A Cerebral Celebration of Holidaze: For those of us that like to take our holidays with a generous helping of history and science.

Only TiVo could make merry with this much good TV, so get it all while the season is hot. Plus, a cuddle on the couch is a great way to cut that winter chill (have you seen this TiVo fleece blankie, by the way?).


P.S. Look! Absolutely NO lines when you order direct from tivo.com, and these Web-exclusive TiVo Gift Packages would make everyone on your Nice List very merry, I’m sure.

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Last Chance for TiVo HD + Product Lifetime Service – Get it Now!

I’d better not pout if you don’t take advantage of snagging a TiVo® HD DVR + Product Lifetime Service: I should, however, be telling you (again) why it’s something you should carefully consider:

Would your wireless phone company ever offer you service for the entire life of your phone for a one-time fee? (Do I really need to answer that rhetorical question [with another rhetorical question]?) Product Lifetime Service is something very rare and special and with all due respect, does any other service company even offer such a concept…?

So… Once more with feeling: You only have until January 7, 2008 to get TiVo® HD DVR + Product Lifetime Service. Share this offer with your non-TiVo customer friends and I’m sure they’ll be singing your praises, too.

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TiVo Tip: Put Your Friends & Family on TV

Holidays are made of these: LOTS and LOTS of photos. Sarah tears presents open. Dearest doggy dons Santa hat. Flickering fireside light. The whole family smiling together – well, almost everyone.

Now, with your broadband-connected TiVo DVR, you can easily access two premier online photo-sharing services—Photobucket and Picasa Web Albums—with one peanut-shaped remote!

This incredible tip, then, is dedicated both to the people who take the pictures and the ones who like to view them. Here’s a fast, easy, and FUN way to make the most of all the memories you’re making this holiday season: Display them using the best digital frame in your house – your TV!

  1. If you take digital pictures, create a (free!) account with Photobucket or Picasa Web Albums (or if you already have one, great!). It’s easy to upload and organize your favorites.
  2. From TiVo Central, select Music, Photos, Products, & More > Photos & Slideshows.
  3. To view your own photos, sign in to your Photobucket or Picasa account.
    To view your friends’ and family’s photos, search by their Photobucket or Picasa user/screen name (just ask your snap-happy friends what it is).
    To touch, move, or just be surprised, search by keyword for a few of your favorite things: Raindrops, Roses, Whiskers, Kittens, you-name-it. TiVo will automatically find matches from the thousands of publicly shared photos taken by photographers you’ve never met. It’s really incredible fun!
  4. Browse albums using the arrow keys. You can select and view photos individually or create your own custom slideshow using your favorite photographs.

WARNING: If you’re lucky enough to have a TiVo HD DVR, digital photos look particularly magnificent on those seductive 16:9 screens. An HDTV with TiVo is clearly the 21st century’s version of modern wall art—a frame for whatever visual image you might be in the mood for, whenever that mood strikes. Seriously, my TiVo family: Try this feature – you will love it.

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amazonUnbox on TiVo

Now Available to Rent!

Learn how to try it yourself.

Send Movies to your TV
Download top movies from Amazon Unbox directly to your Now Playing List. Rent or buy movies without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

There are 1000′s of top movies and TV shows to download to your TiVo DVR at the Amazon Unbox Video Download Store.

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