TiVo Signs Direct Impact for Marketing Campaign

According to DMNews, TiVo has signed up marketing company Direct Impact for an interactive marketing campaign:

TiVo chose the agency for its experience in interactive branding. Direct Impact will deploy an interactive campaign for TiVo in early 2008.

“We developed expertise on interactive games to drive and deepen relationships with existing customers and also to drive acquisition,” [Tracey Brown, COO of Direct Impact] pointed out. “TiVo read and heard about that and contacted us to see if we had any ideas of unique, fun, interactive games that we could develop for them.”

She continued, “What’s nice about them is they do have a good existing subscriber base, but of course are constantly trying to acquire new customers. We had tons of ideas of how to use interactivity with a game to meet two goals: to strengthen relationships with their existing customer base and make them more loyal, and to use a cool game to drive acquisition.”

The interactive game is a new strategy for driving customer loyalty, Brown said, but TiVo has used interactive promotions, such as sweepstakes, for acquisition in the past.

Direct Impact’s work with TiVo will revolve entirely around interactive media.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I really have no idea what kind of game they’d use as a marketing promotion.

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  • hdtivo

    Warrants looking into. Same Game has worn out its welcome.