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You don’t want to miss this: We hit Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Celebration party to find out which shows your favorite stars are looking forward to this fall. Here’s my first video report from a Los Angeles red carpet (which turned out to be black, actually, but I digress): Just wait ’til you get a load of the bloops some of these stars made on the scene. You’ll see what I mean…

Meanwhile, as those premieres keep coming fast and furious, our ever-growing Fall TV Guru Guide is now busting at its virtual seams with all the new shows and your returning favorites (Brothers & Sisters, brethren, and yay! for the return of Heroes). Don’t forget you can browse and schedule them all online or from the comfort of your couch. (From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Guru Guides.)

So did your favorite Emmy nominees take home their own trophy? (Sally Field for president!) Even if they didn’t, rest assured they all get ridiculously generous gift bags at all those after-parties. I’m just sayin’…

Hope the changing of the leaves is treating you well.


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TiVo HD: Sharp. Savvy. Sweet.

The Big Bang Theory2007 CBS Fall Lineup

Tonight’s the season premiere of two highly anticipated CBS shows: CSI and Without a Trace. But there’s plenty more to love the rest of the week, too. Here’s the full schedule for CBS’ new and returning fall TV lineup, listed in a way that I think will make you feel completely at home…

You’ll also be able to get a cast list, read the program synopsis, or watch a video preview of your favorite series. And Online Schedulers (you know who you are) will enjoy instant gratification as they use their mouse to “Get a Season Pass” as inspired!

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TiVo Tip: Silence is Programmed

Silence is golden, but sometimes it takes a moment to program your TiVo remote so you truly get it right. (This tip is dedicated to all of you TiVo subscribers who’ve gone to bed, only be startled awake sometime later because your TiVo box timed out to live TV and your A/V receiver, which is still on, is blaring away.) Yes, you can program your TiVo remote to turn off your receiver simultaneously with the TV. Here’s how:

  1. From TiVo Central, go to Messages and Settings > Settings > Remote and Device Settings > Remote Control
  2. Complete Part 1 to control TV on/off, power & volume.
  3. Complete Part 2 to control A/V volume and mute.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to program the volume and mute. When you get the successful code, write it down.
  5. Still on the same screen, hold down the TiVo button and the
    Power button for five seconds, like you did on the Part 1 screen.
  6. Enter the code you wrote down in step 4.
  7. Press the power button. It should turn off both the TV and the A/V receiver.

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More free program downloads!

Gear up for winter with a few free program downloads from TiVoCast. Here’s just a sample of what’s ready-and-waiting to be sent straight to your TV:

The Weather ChannelBatten down the hatches with The Weather Channel—Get up-to-date weather information for different regions of the U.S. A National Forecast and 4 Regional Forecasts are updated twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon).
VOD CarsHeat it up with VOD Cars—The #1 Broadband Car Network comes to you every week on TiVo. You’re the star on VOD Cars. You shoot, edit and submit your videos. We pick the best ones and bring them to you. Send your videos to speedracer@vodcars.com.
Channel FrederatorWarm your belly with Channel Frederator—It’s Cartoon Central on the Internet.

To download TiVoCast programs: From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Download TV & Movies > TiVoCast. Browse the channels and find the programs you like. You can choose to download just one episode or “Get a Season Pass” and have each automatically delivered to your Now Playing List just like regular television recordings.

NOTE: You must be broadband-connected to receive TiVoCast content.

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Amazon Unbox on TiVo
Weekend Movie Sale September 28-30

I Think I Love My Wife
Superman: Doomsday
Lonely Hearts
The Contract
Lucky You

Learn how to try it yourself.
Featured Amazon Unbox titles can be downloaded directly to your Now Playing List. Rent one of these hot movie titles between September 28th and September 30th for just 99¢ each.

There are 1000′s of movies & TV shows to download to your TiVo box at the Amazon Unbox Video Download store. Also, check out the Top Selling Movies to Rent and Top Selling Movies to Buy.

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The TiVo HD Referral Sweepstakes
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The Slingbox AV TiVo Rewards


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New! A crystal-clear reason why you should be a member of TiVo Rewards™…

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewards™ points while you’re at it.
My TiVo gets me… anything I wish.

Your TiVo box loves being at your beck-and-call. Just tell it what you like—from wasabi to Westerns-and the smart TiVo® service goes out there in broadcast TV-land and gets it for you. Try it, you’ll like it.

How to create a WishList® search—or twenty: From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Create a WishList search > then…:

Actor: FERRERA, AMERICA Get her while her Emmy’s hot.
Keyword: PUMPKIN Make creative carvings and tasty pies this year.
Title: “THE APARTMENT” Written & directed by Billy Wilder—you should know his name.

Once you complete your search, you can choose to “View upcoming episodes” every 14 days or so, or set it to auto-record every match.

Bonus Tip: When creating a WishList search for a title that includes hyphens (-), slashes (/), and periods (.), replace them with a space. For example, 20/20 would be 20 20. Use the FWD button to enter a space into your search and the REW button to quickly delete characters. Any other marks, such as apostrophes (‘) and ampersands (&), are ignored.

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TiVo Fan Mail

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the TiVo preview of new NBC fall shows. We downloaded Chuck and Bionic Woman and thoroughly enjoyed the benefit of seeing these shows before their airdates! It felt great to be part of a select group seeing these shows ahead of the general public. Plus, this helps us know ahead of time which ones we like and don’t like so that we can plan our Season Pass recordings accordingly.

Keep up the great features!

A very satisfied customer,
Doug E.

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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