More information on TiVo down under

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting more details on the plans for TiVo in Australia. It sounds like the Australian model will have most of the features we have in the US, perhaps all. It will have broadband video on demand for movies, and perhaps TV episodes. The Herald interviewed Seven Network’s director of digital media, Rohan Lund.

But where Foxtel iQ offers 12 hours of new pre-packaged content each week, it is understood the TiVo service will let users download from a list of latest-release movies.

Mr Lund said it had not been decided which existing video on-demand service, if any, Seven would partner with in Australia, but it was “inevitable” the feature would be available when TiVo launched.

“We will be looking at a video on-demand service, and we obviously have the option to leverage the Amazon deal that TiVo has struck in the US,” said Mr Lund.


While movies would definitely be offered through a TiVo video on-demand service, Mr Lund said Seven was also considering using it to deliver television shows.

It sounds like they may even have some features we don’t (yet) have in the US:

Other video content from the internet, such as YouTube clips, would also feature prominently. But only a limited number of content sites would be supported for the sake of usability.

I’d love to see more Internet video content available on TiVo’s here in the US too. Australian TiVo owners will also be able to schedule recordings over the Internet and from (some) mobile phones, just as in the US.

Pricing has not yet been announced, but“[Mr. Lund] gave a ballpark monthly subscription cost of [AUD]$10″

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