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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been going on a TV treasure hunt every few days now with TiVo’s new universal Swivel Search—an awesome (really, that’s the word for it) only-on-TiVo search feature that helps you navigate both traditional broadcast TV plus the brave new world of broadband video with one simple search. Some say it’s like IMDB for your TV (we’re flattered), while others swear it’s more fun than that Kevin Bacon game.

Just put in a word or phrase, and TiVo scours not just your tens of thousands of hours of TV programs you already get from your cable provider, but also the growing list of FREE program downloads you can get courtesy of our TiVoCast partners (like The New York Times, CNET, The Onion, and more)—as well as the thousands of TV and movie titles you can buy or rent from Amazon.com, to help you discover some new entertainment gems. And starting today, you can now order your Amazon Unbox on TiVo videos right from your TiVo remote; prepare to master broadband movie downloads just by exercising your thumb.

Really, you must try it yourself to understand the boundless joy of the TiVo “Swivel,” but don’t forget: You must be broadband-connected to reap the rewards of the TV treasures that await. If you haven’t yet done so, now’s the time to take the plunge. Come on, the water feels great!

Splish, splash and Swivel,

P.S. It really is stupendous fun to see through Swivel Search how someone is related to someone else—or something, for that matter, so here’s a bonus challenge especially for you TiVo pirates: Use Swivel Search to explore the tangled web of seemingly very different actors (alive or dead), and send me your “map.” If you unearth something particularly sparkly, I’ll send you some TiVo booty as a reward.

Example “map”: You just watched How I Met Your Mother, which uses a lot of Flashbacks in the plot. The Swivel “FLASHBACK” Tag leads you to The Family Guy, which stars Seth Green. Seth was also in Austin Powers, as was Will Ferrell. Will was in The Producers with Matthew Broderick, and Matthew will always be Ferris Bueller. Ferris was directed by John Hughes, who also directed the movie She’s Having A Baby, which starred—go figure—Kevin Bacon.

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So Much to Say About Swivel Search…

In case you’re stuck at work reading this and haven’t yet tried your hand at Swivel Search, here’s what to expect:

You can enter a show, and highlight an actor from the cast to find out what other upcoming shows s/he will be in.
From old favorites, highlight the “If you like this…” menu item to see similar shows you might enjoy.
Try TiVo “Tags” and enjoy an entertainment odyssey that includes people, places and Things, like “DARK HORSE,” “SATIRE,” or “LOVE, awww.
And Swivel, and Swivel, and so on…

Or watch a demo for a virtual couchside experience (be mindful of your volume since you’ll hear a fair share of the unmistakable TiVo “bloops!”).

If you’re already home, start your TV treasure hunt with Swivel Search now from either of these two places:

From TiVo Central, select Find Programs, then Universal Swivel Search
Select any recording on your Now Playing List, then More Options, then Universal Swivel Search

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TiVo Tip: Speed Reading

Got a long Now Playing List and growing? Instead of blooping your way down each and every show, hopefully you’ve discovered this little (not-so-secret) secret: Use the CHAN UP/DOWN button to quickly browse page by page.

This especially comes in handy when you use “View upcoming episodes” following a WishList® search that garners umpteen results, e.g. Keyword: 2006, Category, MOVIES.

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Need Help?
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Get helpful tips
Feed Your Inner Film Geek

On June 20, 2007, the American Film Institute (AFI) named its 100 greatest American movies of all time. Get this Guru Guide and you’ll automatically get all of the movies from the list that get broadcast.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the AFI is a national institute providing leadership in screen education and the recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of film, television and digital media. It knows its movies.

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Amazon Unbox on TiVo

The Good Shepherd
Music and Lyrics
A Good Year
Happy Feet
24th Day
Die Hard
Featured Amazon Unbox titles can be downloaded directly to your Now Playing List. Rent one of these hot movie titles between July 13th and July 15th for just 99¢ each.

There are 1000′s of movies & TV shows to download to your TiVo box at the Amazon Unbox Video Download store. Also, check out the Top Selling Movies to Rent and Top Selling Movies to Buy.

Learn more about what Amazon Unbox on TiVo is and how it works.

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Sharing Summer Fun with Everyone

Even though grandma and gramps live 3,000 miles away, there’s no reason you couldn’t include them both in your summer travels. If you’re taking any home movies on the shore or in the woods, don’t forget that TiVo and One True Media make it simple to share them by delivering them right to your friends’ and family’s Now Playing List. If you’ve got a good TiVo Home Movie Sharing story to share, please send it here.

You’ll be Home Movie Sharing in just a few simple steps if you watch this video.

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The TiVo MasterCard

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TiVo Rewards

Limited Edition TiVo® Remote with American Flag Skin

Point Value: 6,000

Add some fanfare to your living room by dressing up your TiVo remote with a splash of stars and stripes. A TiVo Rewards exclusive.

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewards™ points while you’re at it.

TiVo KidZone Guides—you can find them both online and within the TiVo service—are bursting with quality recommendations for kids. Here’s just one highlight:

History DetectivesHistory Detectives1
Best for: Ages 10+
Lively series reveals history’s everyday secrets. This educational series covers wide-ranging topics (from the Civil War to Mickey Mouse to Charles Lindbergh); the investigators demonstrate that history is fascinating, fun, and occasionally frustrating. Three mysteries are investigated in each hour-long episode.

Set up TiVo KidZone. It’s easy!

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WishList® Search Suggestions

Survey says you’re still not taking full advantage of one of TiVo’s best features: the WishList search. There is no better way to personalize your TV experience, so grab that remote and customize. From TiVo Central, select Find Programs, then Create a WishList search, and then…:

1776 Free yourself from primetime TV.
Keyword: MAGIC Everyone needs a little.
Actor: SINATRA, FRANK You can watch it all or nothing at all.
Title: KOYAANISQATSI You’ll eat up a visual feast from Francis Ford Coppola.

Once you create your search term, you can choose to “View upcoming episodes” every 14 days or so, or set it to auto-record every match. And if you’ve got good suggestions to share, send ‘em to Shanan.

Bonus Tip: Koyaanisqatsi is accompanied by a wonderful score from Philip Glass, who asserted at the time, “I don’t do film music.” But it’s also a great conversation-starter if played on your big-screen TV accompanied by your own soundtrack during a party.

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TiVo Fan Mail

Subscriber Bill S. clearly understands—quite literally, apparently—the seamless integration of TiVo with your digital lifestyle, as seen on TV, and this flickr page.

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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