Order Amazon Unbox videos with your remote

Well, we all knew this was coming from the day Unbox on TiVo was launchedordering directly from the TiVo without using a PC. And no need to use 3rd party HME applications. Watch TiVo’s video which demonstrates the system.

First, setup your Unbox account for ordering from the TV. Then, on your TiVo simply go to Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies -> Amazon Unbox. This provides a somewhat limited selection of downloadable titles divided into categories such as Top Movie Rentals, This Week’s New Release Movies, Top Movies, Latest TV Episodes, Top TV Shows, Top Kids / Family Titles, and Top Foreign Films. But what if the title you’re looking for isn’t in one of these categories? Universal Swivel Search has been updated as well. Go to Find Programs -> Universal Swivel Search and simple search for the title you’re looking for. If you’ve used this in the past, you probably remember how it would return titles available from Amazon Unbox, but said that downloads would be available in the future. Well, the future is now. You can now order movies directly from within Swivel Search.

Downloads are charged to the credit card you associate with your Amazon account. And you set a five-digit PIN so you don’t have to worry about the kids ordering everything in site and running up your bill.

Still no HD downloads for the Series3 owners – though there is some reason to be hopeful. I think it is inevitable that HD downloads will be offered. Microsoft already has HD downloads for the XBox 360, Apple is rumored to be working on them for the Apple TV, Sony is rumored to be about to announce them for the PS3 (E3 is this week), and you have other players like Vudu in the wings. I think it is just a matter of time until Amazon and TiVo bring HD to the Series3 – especially with the lower cost HD box launching later this year, which should help grow the user base.

Of course, you can continue to order from Amazon Unbox online just as you have been.

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