Win a Slingbox Classic autographed by Tony LaRussa

Sling Media is giving away 75 Slingbox Classics autographed by National league All-Star team manager Tony LaRussa. Winning is easy – be one of the first 75 people to enter, and you win.

And don’t forget today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a free SlingPlayer Mobile license.

From Sling Media:

It’s All-Star Game time and one summer classic deserves another. You could win an original Slingbox “Classic” autographed by National league All-Star team manager and future Hall of Famer, Tony LaRussa. Be one of the first 75 people to post a video on-line based on one of the three subjects below and you could be a winner.

A) Create a video of yourself “slinging” the 2007 All-Star game on your PC, laptop, or other mobile device from around your home, at the office, attending a boring dinner party that your wife made you go to, from that vacation to the in-laws who drive you crazy, or better yet from the game itself!

B) Create an advertisement for Slingbox that illustrates why Slingbox is a great way to watch the All-Star game or any major sporting event when you’re away from home. Use your imagination and whatever tools you have (drawings, animation, puppets, video, bobble head dolls, etc.)

C) Post a video of yourself singing the praises of the Slingbox as a baseball fan’s best friend. And yes, you have to actually sing. It could be an original song, a song parody, or a “slingified” version of a popular tune.

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